Monday, June 11, 2012

A Soap A Day Project: Day 5

I took Saturday off and found it hard to get the energy to take a picture of yesterdays soap! Mondays are always a bit of a drag for me! I was pressed for time after my helper left and production was complete, but I did get to visit one of the shops I had on my list and I left my business card and a price list. The clerk had no control over ordering and said she would send the info to the owner of the store but she was nice in the brief chat I had with her. I had to fight hard to make contact but I did it and feel a little bit better about going around to more shops! Here is the soap for Sunday. I was inspired by my shower curtain of all things! :)~


  1. I love this one, the colours look great together.  It's funny I thought you were this really confident soaper and had no problems going to stores and showing off your products.  I think in soap land we always think that everyone is dressed by birds (my term that describes people who look like they have it all put together and they wake up with birds singing and everything in their life goes perfectly).

    Way to go, you went to a store and it wasn't that bad. You are inspiring me to take action as well.

  2. Gorgeous soap! You must have a pretty sweet shower curtain ;)

    I hope your contact pays off! Keep when you get your products in new stores so we can celebrate with you!

  3. Anne-Marie FaiolaJune 12, 2012 at 3:02 PM

    The smallest things can give us the biggest inspirations! Thanks for sharing and can't wait to teach classes with you this weekend!

  4. My shower curtain is awesome! I hope the contact pays off too but I am not worried about it and am totally prepared to not hear back. I am all ready to get back to it next week once I get back from the SWI! I think volume will get me customers I want!

  5.  Good to hear that you are gearing up to get selling as well! I am definitely not Dresses By Birds (I love that expression!) but I think I view others in the soap world as all put together as well. It can be hard gettin' real sometimes but I am glad to hear that I'm not the only one who is a little self conscious.

  6. We've been selling at markets for a long time but would like to get into more stores nearby.  I think you and I are both perfectionists and we are our own worst critics.  We all tend to look at those around us externally and think their lives are perfect but we are only seeing one side of the story.



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