Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mythology Local Eco Boutique - San Diego

I have been touring the local shops that sell my products and a few weeks ago I had a chance to visit Mythology in the South Park Area of San Digeo, home to an eclectic mix of shops, galleries and eateries. Mythology is owned by artist and designer Rickard Frederick who is known for his designer VEGAN belts, organic clothing and T-shirt designs.
 "All of our clothing is made of only organic and/or recycled materials like organic cotton, bamboo, soy composite or hemp.  You’re guaranteed to find these fabrics super soft, yet extremely durable.  We also try to buy from local artists and designers as much as possible.  This not only cuts down on the amount of gasoline spent shipping merchandise around the world, but keeps our selection of merchandise extremely unique."
 Richard's Vegan Cuffs
Mythology carries Naiad Soap Arts Natural Lip Balms, Soaps and Liquid Soaps as well as eco-friendly clothing for children and adults, jewelry, accessories, graphic tees, candles and Richard's signature Vegan belts and cuffs. The store has a friendly vibe and unique selections!
Eco friendly clothing for men and women
While I was taking pictures one of Richard's T-shirts stood out for me and he told me the story behind the design (below). A regular customer of his came into the store while looking through the tees and mentioned that one one of the images reminded him of images on the walls of Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia. The customer told Richard that he had rare rubbings from the site that his Grandmother took in the 70's before the temple was closed to the public and offered to give Richard the images. The T-Shirt below is one of those images! A truly unique tee that you won't find any where else.
Angkor Wat Temple Rubbing
After talking more with the customer Richard found out that their family contributes to a college fund so that the next generation has money to go to school assuring that the new generation has a chance to reach their goals and dreams! As part of his thanks for the Angkor Wat images, Richard now contributes $1.00 to the family's college fund for every T-shirt he sells. How cool is that!

You can Find Mythology at 2365 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104 

 Stunning and Studded Vegan Belts
 Kids clothing and accessories
 Ocean Minded Sandals
Print out this promotion and bring it to Mythology for 25% off your purchase!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Beautiful is this?

I stumbled upon this treasure on the Etsy front page this evening! The shop is TaylorsEclectic and the pieces are stunning, delicate and feminine with lots of color! Sadly I am broke right now or would have ordered something for certain, but I can keep my fingers crossed that someone will find my favorites list and send a gift my way!

Some of my favorites:

yes, your jaw just dropped!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Customer Review: Very berry Sugar Whipped Soap

A few weeks ago I sent out a request for customer reviews and the response was great! If you are interested in doing a review just send your name and address to erin@naiadsoaparts.com with a list of three products you would like to review. I will choose one on the list that needs feedback and ship it to you for your feedback!

Today we have a guest post from one of my customers Gail Kahles reviewing Very Berry Sugar Whipped soap. She was nice enough to include some photos too! Thanks so much Gail!

Gail writes: Naiad’s packaging is always pretty, and this product is no exception. The label is classy, featuring a sweet graphic and an eye-catching font. As is true for all Naiad products, this would make an exquisite gift.

I was surprised how hefty the 10 oz. jar felt when I picked it up. There’s a large amount of luscious soap in here! Once opened, I discovered an exact replica of berry frosting, right down to the glistening sugar. Mmmm, mmmm, I almost went searching for a spoon! Sniffing deeply, I detected a light mixed berry scent along with a vibrant clean smell. Delicious!

I first used this soap straight out of the jar and directly onto my skin. It had a gentle scrubbing effect and made me feel very indulged. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed any soap or scrub as much as this one. It’s smoooooth and moisturizing perfection! I later tried it on a bath poof, where it made volumes of rich, luxurious lather. Oh my, this product is truly heavenly!

If I were forced to criticize, I’d have to say I prefer a stronger fragrance. I love the uplifting mix of fresh berries so much that I want to enjoy more of it!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Contest winners!!!

It was so hard to decide with name to choose. They are all wonderful and I am so appreciative that everyone took the time to post! I ended up choosing two of the names for the products a different one for the soap and the scrub since I thought they went better with the products.
Winners of the contest prize are Kandice Smith with "Punch Drunk" and Becka Doucette  with "Wicked Wahine". You will each get a bar soap and a sugar whipped soap in the new scent!

 Jenn is the winner of the random comment prize! You will get a bar of Wicked Wahine Soap!

Winners please send your name and mailing address to erin@naiadsoaparts.com.

Thank you everyone for participating! Look for the new products at naiadsoaparts.com May 7th!


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