Thursday, November 12, 2015

Easy DIY Flower Gift tags!

These pretty paper flower gift tags are inexpensive and perfect for any occasion! This easy project is kid friendly as well!
You'll need:
• 1/8 inch hole punch
• Paper gift tags 3inches long or larger
• Paper flowers
• Brads in silver or gold

Step 1: Punch a hole about 1-1.25 inches from the end of your gift tag. I am using a 3 inch gift tag and a 1/8 inch hole punch.

Step 2: Choose 3-4 paper flowers in different sizes. Starting with the smallest flower, slide onto the brad. The flowers should come with pre punched holes to make this easy! NOTE: the flowers will have a front and back, The front if the side cubed up and you will want to put the brad through the front side so the petals curve upwards.

Step 3: put the brad through the hole in the tag and bend the legs of the brad flat. NOTE: You can cover the legs of the brad with a little white sticker or round kraft sticker!


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