Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meat City by Jason M. Tucker

One of my best friends, the talented writer Jason M. Tucker has a new book of horror short stories out called Meat City.

He has appeared in various anthologies including Darc Karnivale and Northern Haunts and his short story Blood, Magic, and a Concubine is available as a Kindle Version on Amazon for just 99¢! Jason is selling signed copies of Meat City for just $15 which includes shipping!

Learn more about Jason and buy a signed copy here!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Art of Soap - a book by Debbie Chialtas of Soapylove

I am constantly amazed by how much people love soap! I get emails, chats and posts on my Facebook fan page from lovers of soap, users with new appreciation and budding soapmakers looking for advice, all praising the idea of soap and the process of making it. Since its invention soap has been here to stay. Soap, that utilitarian staple of human cleanliness (modern usage also for cats and dogs), that modest brick in standard scents like “Dove” and “Irish Spring”. After entering the world of soap making almost four years ago, I felt like I was stepping into the beginning of a soap revolution. I have watched soap making evolve into an exploration of custom fragrances, exotic and ancient ingredients, and wild to mild colors, with soap makers pushing the boundaries of artistic soap design, each with a unique visual perspective – an intimate expression of themselves. After all, as soap makers don’t we all dream of making what we ultimately would like to bathe with?

Soap is no longer modest but is screaming to be front and center.

A woman at the forefront of this soap revolution is Debbie Chialtas of Soapylove, a good friend and a master artisan of glycerin soap. She has conceived an idea in the process of fruition. A book dedicated to the varying aesthetics in soap and the stories behind the bars. Simply: The Art of Soap. When she asked me to photograph the book I didn’t hesitate.

Follow the progress of the book here:

You can see Debbie's amazing soaps here:

Debbie's blog:


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