Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Making of the French Macaron Soap v.2.0

These are created from a custom mold (or molds) that I made from a hand carved clay master.

So, I loved the Macaron Soap v.1.0 but I really wanted to make something that was not only easier to produce, but also more like a real French Macaron cookie! I am so happy with the results!
here was the original:
They are super cute as well, but these were the nice ones and the method of making them left varying results from batch to batch which was just unacceptable for me especially if I am wholesaling them.

Here is how I did it!
1) I carved the two cookie pieces from Super Scuply and then added a flat disk to one of the cookie sides for the middle. So the mold is a two part, one side just the cookie, and one side the cookie plus the middle!
2) After baking the two sides I created one silicone mold and make a whole bunch of masters that would later be used to make a large sheet of multicavity molds.
3) I molded the masters. First I got a foam board that I cut and taped into a shallow box, then I layed out the masters and poured the silicon.
It was a mess but fun! I have made single cavity molds with silicone before but never anything on this scale!
I wanted to have at least 100 cavities for wholesale purposes so I ended up with 8 sheets of molds each with 14 total cookies (28 cavities total for the two part mold) Below is the cookie with the middle and each one of those got paired with a cookie top! The halves were easily "glued" together with melted glycerin soap!
Each one of the sheets was about $180 worth of silicone - Times 8 that really adds up!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New soap available and on sale!

Just a quick note - the new Bathtub Brew and lavender Lime Soda are now available and on sale until July 10th for $5.50 per bar! Click here to buy!

I also sent out a newsletter with an exclusive sale for subscribers - be sure to sign up by July 10th to catch the sale!
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