Sunday, August 7, 2011

Winners of the English Apothecary Giveaway

Thank you all for the wonderful comments! The winners are:
--> - Grand Prize: A full size bar Soap, a full size Sugar Scrub and a full size Liquid Soap
-->Jenn U  - Grand Prize: A full size bar Soap, a full size Sugar Scrub and a full size Liquid Soap

Other winners will get a soap sampler, a full size bar of soap, 7 oz scrub and soap sample, full size scrub, or a full size liquid soap! Here they are (picked a couple extra!)
-->The Soap Sister  
--> Jessie Yang  
-->Alexandra C  
-->Kandice Smith  
-->Minuscule Dot  
-->Ana Maria 

If you are a winner please send your address to with "EA winner" as the subject line. Include the name you used to make the comment so I can match you up and if you are international please include a paypal email so i can invoice you for 50% of the shipping. If you are an international winner and have changed your mind let me know and I will redraw for your prize. I ship First class international but if you want to be upgraded to priority for an additional cost let me know.

Your packages will go out as soon as I get your addresses!

Monday, August 1, 2011

English Apothecary™ giveaway

The English Apothecary™ line was conceived in January of 2010 during a rainy morning walk, where here in Southern California we are in the middle of rainy season and all of the flowers are in full bloom. I caught the scent of something sweet, floral and citrus and had to run home to try and recreate it. I wanted English Apothecary™ to be an all natural line but strayed on my initial products, which were very popular but did not adhere to the 100% natural criterion I had drawn for the brand so I wanted to start over. I got stuck, then I got busy, then I got married, and so the line has been dormant for over a whole year!

I really wanted to do English Apothecary™ right with the product line clear and packaging all in order. It has been slow going, as it sometimes is when you are the R&D, Production, and Packaging departments but I am finally ready to launch the first products!

I would love to hear what YOU think about the new scents! I am giving away sample packs of 1 oz. bar soaps, full 5.25 oz bar soaps, full 14 oz. jars of sugar scrub and full 8 oz. size liquid soaps! There will be 12 prizes in all with two lucky recipients getting bar soap, scrub and liquid soap!

There is a catch - I want your feedback! Let me know what you think about the products and be honest! I will try to post a survey once everyone gets their samples and has a chance to try them, but feel free to leave a comment in this post.
Note - some of the packaging is not finalized in case your label falls off (wink).

To enter just leave a comment below. I will announce the lucky 12 this Saturday August 6th at 5 pm PST. Shipping to the USA is free but if you are outside of the country I will ask that you cover 50% of the shipping so please note this when entering.

The bar soaps will be available in
Lavender Chamomile
Lemon Honey
Orange & Blossoms
Peppermint Tea Tree
Bergamot, Lime & Basil

Scrubs in:
Lavender Chamomile
Lemon Honey
Orange & Blossoms

Liquid Soap in:
Lemon Honey
Orange & Blossoms


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