Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Soap A Day Project: Day 16

Leftover soap CP cupcakes. I am taking the recycling to the extreme!
So Tired! Going to bed!

Annoyed that dew is forming on my soap INSIDE of the shrink wrap! Bleh!


  1. We've had the dew happen too and it's a pain. A couple of things to try:

    -wipe really well with paper towel
    -sometimes I use my beveled to shave the top off but it does make soap smaller
    -hold over steam from a kettle and let dry but try not to burn your fingers


  2.  Hi Michelle, Thank you for the tips! I have used a fan in the past. The funny thing is there wasn't any dew when I wrapped them so I thought that would keep the dew off! Is is so strange.

  3. I like all your projects, patterns, colors and design.. kisses from the forest!! 

  4.  Thank you so much for the compliments!



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