Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Real Fruit Jewelry!

I got three big orders all at once and have been in production full swing. Needless to say Soap A Day Project has been put on hold for now and I have been struggling to find time to market but I am sending samples for the August Eco Emi box and will continue with the Thursday specials which have been a success! So I am marketing a little :)

It has been a busy month so I decided to get myself a little gift! I found the shop realfruitjewelry out of Philadelphia, through the Etsy Blog. Their concept is to take food, dry it out and encase it in resin to preserve its natural color, and make it into awesome jewelry! The prices are almost too good to be true - all pieces are between $18 and $45! I got this lovely blood orange pendant for myself:

all pics © realfruitjewelry

Some other favorites:
I love the naturally cool shape of the cross section of the walnut shell!

I can almost taste these!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Soap A Day Project: Day 22

I had so much that I was going to say and I forgot it all because I am in a food coma! It makes me a little ashamed just to say it. Consuming large amounts of food with friends and family always seems like a good idea on the holidays and then I think about the ever growing waste line, and waste in general in Rich countries and I get a little upset at myself! Oh well! I will just have to do some hard manual labor in the next couple of days to justify the 200g + of protein I ate today. Next year I am going to take it easier on the eating and focus more on the patriotic songs and parades and being thankful that I have my loved ones and my freedom!

I also think that I am getting sick (may be cause for the sarcasm). The throat is feeling a little scratchy and the ears are a bit sore. Bleh! A friend of mine just had his gall badder removed. He looks like hell (sorry friend) and is in serious pain, not to mention he can't pick up his 4 month old baby for 2-3 weeks. I think I can deal with a little cold and will try to not feel sorry for myself when it starts getting worse!

So, in lighter news, I am happy with this soap! I have been struggling with how to achieve the concept and ended up wrecking a cheapo basic square mold to get this done - totally worth it! The execution isn't perfect and will be revisited, but the proof of concept was a success!
 Hooray for Helvetica!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Soap A Day Project: Day 20 and 21

I have been making so much CP soap lately and I am really liking these soap cupcakes from the leftovers. I am not wasting any soap! I am struggling with a few designs on the more labor intensive glycerin soaps that I have been doing, but these have been a fun change up! I have skipped some days and am ashamed of it. At least I can honestly say I wasn't being lazy, just busy!

Day 20:

 I have been working my butt off on the new soap bar packaging and am almost done with the 15 artwork changes that I have to get off to the printer! I have gone through many revisions and plan to show you guys so you can get an idea of the process I go through when I design!
 Day 21:

Some soaps I have put on hold and will add back in later and I am adding some new ones too! Also, I am bringing back the tea tree facial soap! It was always a favorite but I was disappointed with my presentation of the soap and scraped it on that alone. Boo on me!


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