Friday, February 1, 2013

International shipping goes Way Way Way up in 2013!

So it is a new year and that means new postal rates! International shipping rates skyrocketed this year so before I deliver the bad news, I want to start off with a nice comment about the shipping from a customer in Sweden.
"...Sorry the shipping is so expensive!..."

Customer in Sweden who just paid $23.95 to ship for 6 bars of soap:
"Hi Erin! Thanks for setting this up for me :) Don't worry about the shipping, your products are so worth the money even with increased shipping prices! And it feels great to buy things from a real person :) it's not very easy to find great handmade products that lives up to my expectations here in Sweden, so I'm very happy that I found Naiad to make my showering so much more enjoyable <3>

drum roll please:

New International rates:
First Class 2 oz) Canada $6.55, all other countries $6.55
(One lip balm)

First Class (5 oz) Canada $8.55, all other countries $12.75
(One bar of Soap or three lip balms)
Flat Rate Envelope : Canada $19.95,  all other countries $23.95
(Fits flat items only, soap bars, bath teas, lip balms. Fit up to 6 bars of soap.)

Flat Rate Box Medium: Canada $40.95, all other countries $59.95
(Fits 6 scrubs plus 6 bars of soap or sprays and lip balms)

Flat Rate Box Large: Canada $64.95, all other countries $79.95
(Fits 9 scrubs plus 9 bars of soap or sprays and lip balms)


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