Saturday, January 15, 2011

Simply Sweet Sugar Scubs Classes are Back at The Nova Studio! March 12th 2011

Last September I had the opportunity to teach at the Nova Studio in the California Bay Area. My Simply Sweet Sugar Scrub class sold out and the eClass has been the highest selling eClass for the Nova Studio since! We are bringing it back this Spring 2011 with two classes and new scrubs!  I will be showing you how to do the Sugar Cubes, the Lip Sugar Scrub and the Sugar Whipped Soap as well as a new papaya Enzyme Foot Scrub and a new Whipped Sugar Scrub with all natural ingredients!

Here is something nice someone said about the class:
"I absolutely loved this class. Erin was very knowledgeable and forthcoming about the scrubs and her soap business in general. I would recommend this class to my friends and family." – Michelle Ember. Click here for more comments on the class!

Class Date & Times:
Saturday March 12th
9 am - 1 pm or 2 pm - 6pm
$99 plus $35 materials fee

What you will take home!

Awesome handouts and a bunch of products: a 10 oz jar of Body Sugar Cubes, a 4 oz jar of Whipped Sugar Scrub, a 4 oz jar of Sugar Whipped Soap, an 8 oz jar of Papaya Enzyme Foot Scrub & two adorable pots of Exfoliating Sugar Lip Scrub. Erin will supply everything you need, just show up with your sweet self, ready to learn & have fun!

To sign up visit the class page on the Nova Studio Website!

Whipped Sugar Scrub (all-natural, from scratch): Demo & Hands-On: This product is a combination of a body butter and a sugar scrub. The consistency is like very thick frosting. Students will watch a demo of the batch being made by Erin, then they'll get to choose which essential oils to use for scent & choose a color.
Sugar Whipped Soap (using a base): Demo: The consistency of this scrub is light and fluffy with just enough foaming action to get you clean and soften your skin. This recipe utilizes a pre-made base that contains the foaming agents as well as the preservative, so you don't have to worry about that. Erin will make this batch demonstration style and students will get a 4 oz jar to take home & try.

Papaya Enzyme Foot Scrub: Hands-On: An invigorating, more intense scrub made especially for your feet that contains different types of sugar, papaya (which contains a natural exfoliating enzyme), oils, butters, a natural cleansing agent and an emulsifier (to make it more creamy & less oily).

Body Sugar Cubes: Hands-On: A single-use sugar scrub that uses a melt & pour soap base, mixed with oils & butters to cleanse & exfoliate at the same time, leaving NO oily mess in your tub. Take home a big jar of cubes, custom scented & colored by you!
Exfoliating Lip Scrub: Hands-On: Made from scratch, a wonderful blend of waxes, oils & butters to gently exfoliate lips while helping to seal in moisture. A very popular scrub, for all ages.

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