Monday, January 17, 2011

Finding inspiration in finding a new space

I have to say I am up to my ears in soap! It is taking over my life, every nook and cranny in my house is a storage space for product waiting to ship, my garage is floor to ceiling with curing racks, supply shelves, a shipping station with barely enough room for the few boxes of personal items we have to store! It is time for a larger space! This day has been waiting to happen for at least a year and my fear of risk has held me back up to this point. It is a scary thing! San Diego is a pretty expensive place to own a business and the extra overhead will most likely take my debt free business into the red for a little while. All this in a year when I am getting married and me and the future hubby are hoping to buy a home! To help nurture my excitement about such a big step I am thinking about all of the ways that I can make my future space my own. My ideal scenario is to create a happy, inspiring, and organized space for me, my packaging whizz Anna and that new soap maker I will be looking to hire!

A couple of years ago I went on a little texture finding adventure with my friend Debbie to a super cool store she found called Architectural Salvage. I was looking through my pics for some inspiration and some of them turned out pretty nice so I wanted to share! Mind you I am not looking to turn my new soap shop into an antique store but I wouldn't mind decorating my office with some interesting pieces, maybe an antique door knob, a row of glass lampshades on the wall or a blue bathtub full of E's to greet me in the morning!


  1. Super cool store and congrats on expanding your company!!!!

  2. Great idea on expanding your business. Should be a fun new chapter in your soap-making adventures. I wish you the best!



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