Sunday, January 9, 2011

New postcard designs

Things I do late at night when I have had too much green tea...These are some new post card designs I am having printed up! I will include them in orders either blank for you to use/send (frame? LOL!) or with coupon codes on the back!

What do you think?

odds & ends are coming soon to the etsy shop!

this photo is a personal favorite and I think it makes a nice post card!

for when I get requests to include a note in birthday gift orders!


  1. Erin, these are fabulous! I need to send you all my product to photograph:D

  2. Very nice and quite professional! I need to drink even more green tea! ;D

  3. Thanks Debbie! I like the top one best. :)

  4. I love them! You are so creative, Erin...



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