Friday, December 24, 2010

Bird on Branch Mini Chocolate Covered Cakes on SoapQueen

This delicious, edible chocolate project is made with my bird.on.branch mold available at Bramble Berry. Originally intended for soap making, the mold material is PERFECT for molding chocolate! I have provided a gluten free vegan recipe for the cake as well as links/resources for vegan chocolate and cream filling if you want to make this project all Vegan. Check it out on the Soap Queen Blog.

I made these cute labels for the cakes - download the free clip art for the labels here: Bird.on.Branch Mini Chocolate Cake labels


  1. Awesome idea Erin! I will have to remember this for my next party. I would reckon you could use most of the BB molds for these types of projects. Very inspiring indeed!

  2. So glad you like it! I was just thinking the same thing regarding the soap molds - the chocolate projects could be endless!



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