Friday, February 5, 2010

The New Line: English Apothecary™

You know when you are making a lot of soap or other toiletries and have numerous fragrances open and scents mingle together in the air, or maybe you are taking a morning hike or walking through a garden and sometimes you get a whiff of some fabulous combination of wild herbs and flowers that you can't decipher? That is the inspiration for this new line of soaps, bath salts, and body oils I am calling English Apothecary™.  An ode to flowers, nature, herbal teas and tincures, and a time when what we put on our bodies came of the same stuff that we put into it. With natural clays, freshly ground organic herbs, and custom blended pure essential oils and fine cosmetic fragrances!
I already have some items ready and will have soaps off cure by mid March.

So far I have: the signature blend, a scent reminiscent of misty morning walks through heady roses, lavender and peony, on the edge of a Cedar forest, very floral powdery and feminine. Gardenia with bright green notes of lemon verbena tea and and creamy thai coconut milk! 

Take a look!



  1. oooh! you've outdone yourself this time. the packaging is just lovely!

  2. I fully intend to get the Guest soaps for a friend of mine that has just got her new house, so she can use them for the guest bathrooms!

  3. Oh my gosh Erin. These are just gorgeous. Jaw dropping!

    I love how they are so sophisticated, yet they have an earthy charm, too. Amazing!

  4. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments! I am so happy that you all think the packaging is eye catching. I wanted to tone down the product - make it a bit more natural looking and really focus on pretty packaging! yay!



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