Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My experience with the Abbey James Soap Co.

Ok, you all know that I make soap and have an virtually endless supply at my disposal so when I do buy soap it is from friends and from soap artisans that tickle my curiosity and blow me away with design (Yeah, I am a jerk like that). I have finally checked the Abbey James Soap Co. off of my list.  I am so excited to show you what I got!

First I opened the package and I knew right away that I was in for a wonderful experience! The Thank You sticker is a great idea - a simple way to finish off your wrapping and make your customers experience memorable from the start!
Here is what was inside! We have the two items I ordered - a three pack body butter sampler and a bar of Sugared Spruce soap. Extra goodies: a sample size body butter, two cold process soap samples and a beautiful drawer sachet scented with her Haiku fragrance (also a great idea! It has all of the info you need to find your way back to the Abbey James Soap co. etsy shop!).
I am going to add a quick lesson in photography
to get a larger depth of field - top- use a smaller aperture (bigger number). In low light you may need a tripod as the shutter speed will be slower. For a smaller depth of field - bottom- use a larger aperture (smaller number). The corresponding shutter speed will be faster for the same exposure.

The body butters are amazing. They have a creamy light texture and absorb into your skin quickly. They scents are not overpowering, just strong enough to leave a light kiss of scent on your skin. I got Pomegranate Blossom, Lemon Biscotti and Red Clover Tea - the Lemon Biscotti is my favorite but then I am a sucker for sweets!

(small aperture, long exposure)
(large aperature, short exposure)
The soap smells divine and has a fluffy lather. I love how Rebecca used a clear label to show off the pretty soap!
Rebecca Smith is the owner, and creator of these luscious B&B treats. Her customer service is excellent and her products are wonderful. Check out her shop for beautifully packaged gift sets as well!


  1. Ooooh, it all looks great!!
    And I know what you mean, not only great product will bring you back to a shop, but also a careful packaging will make you want to go back!

  2. Yes Pili! I am definitely taking some notes from Rebecca on her presentation!

  3. Such pretty goodies and her soap looks DIVINE!



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