Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Soap A Day Project: Day 22

I had so much that I was going to say and I forgot it all because I am in a food coma! It makes me a little ashamed just to say it. Consuming large amounts of food with friends and family always seems like a good idea on the holidays and then I think about the ever growing waste line, and waste in general in Rich countries and I get a little upset at myself! Oh well! I will just have to do some hard manual labor in the next couple of days to justify the 200g + of protein I ate today. Next year I am going to take it easier on the eating and focus more on the patriotic songs and parades and being thankful that I have my loved ones and my freedom!

I also think that I am getting sick (may be cause for the sarcasm). The throat is feeling a little scratchy and the ears are a bit sore. Bleh! A friend of mine just had his gall badder removed. He looks like hell (sorry friend) and is in serious pain, not to mention he can't pick up his 4 month old baby for 2-3 weeks. I think I can deal with a little cold and will try to not feel sorry for myself when it starts getting worse!

So, in lighter news, I am happy with this soap! I have been struggling with how to achieve the concept and ended up wrecking a cheapo basic square mold to get this done - totally worth it! The execution isn't perfect and will be revisited, but the proof of concept was a success!
 Hooray for Helvetica!


  1. This soap is awesome Erin. I can see requests for it with personalized dates for wedding shower favors!

  2. Gorgeous, I made a similar soap years ago with numbers and letters but you've put it inside a clear soap. The color and design is stunning.

  3. I love it! I think this soap is one of my favorites, well, in the top 3 anyway because I love all of your Soap-A-Day soaps...
    I like how you made each number a different color with a 3D effect then put it in clear soap so the numbers lasts longer instead of washing away after a few uses.

  4. What a cool-looking soap, Erin! I love how it turned out.



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