Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Soap A Day Project: Day 20 and 21

I have been making so much CP soap lately and I am really liking these soap cupcakes from the leftovers. I am not wasting any soap! I am struggling with a few designs on the more labor intensive glycerin soaps that I have been doing, but these have been a fun change up! I have skipped some days and am ashamed of it. At least I can honestly say I wasn't being lazy, just busy!

Day 20:

 I have been working my butt off on the new soap bar packaging and am almost done with the 15 artwork changes that I have to get off to the printer! I have gone through many revisions and plan to show you guys so you can get an idea of the process I go through when I design!
 Day 21:

Some soaps I have put on hold and will add back in later and I am adding some new ones too! Also, I am bringing back the tea tree facial soap! It was always a favorite but I was disappointed with my presentation of the soap and scraped it on that alone. Boo on me!


  1. TwobloomsdesignstudioJuly 4, 2012 at 3:54 PM

    You have been busy, love the blue on the soap cupcakes. I've started learning Illustrator CS6 and look forward to seeing your design process.


  2.  I am still on CS5 and really don't want to pay for the upgrade - the suite was more expensive than my computer at $1300 and that was the basic suite without the web programs! Glad you are interested in the design process! I don't know too many other soapers who also use Adobe design software!

  3. Erin,

    I found it was like learning another language when I started and there is still so much to learn. Just using the trial right before committing to it but the possibilities are amazing.


  4.  The tutorial books that Adobe puts out are really good! :)

  5. TwobloomsdesignstudioJuly 10, 2012 at 1:37 PM

    I'm using the trial of CS6 to make sure I like it. No, it's not cheap but my sister and I are so sick of dealing with Word.  When I first started I was overwhelmed but I just keep practicing and it's getting a little easier.

  6. OMG, this is so super cute!



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