Monday, September 21, 2009

Stamp Happy

I did say I wasn't going to do any work Sunday. Oh, come on, I just got this new custom soap stamp from Soap Impressions, I had a box of soap fresh off of cure, how could I not do any work on Sunday!
Soap stamps are a great way to let your customer know where they got the soap they love so much (or hate so much I suppose) after they have recycled the packaging. Your stamped soap will show for a few washes giving the customer time to remember your company name. Also, I think they make the soap look professional and complete. (and the more stuff that has my logo on it the better! I swear I stamped everything yesterday - anything malleable)

Joanna at the Soap Bar has a great post about this with some beautiful pictures of stamped soap:
Personalized + Stamped.

Soap Impressions sell already made soap stamps, ph strips, and also make custom soap stamps to your specifications! Mine is a 2 inch stamp and it cost $79 with shipping (you get a discount if you provide high resolution artwork!) There is a 4-6 week turn around - mine shipped in exactly 4 weeks and was at my door three days later!

 The ordering process was easy - email them your artwork, they email back with a price, and payment option, you pay and the soap stamp shows up 4-6 weeks later!

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