Monday, September 7, 2009

"copyright infringement"

THAT is the title of an Etsy convo I received from a Peggy Amond.

I recently took my new Absinthe Soap off cure and after taking pics, I did some research about Absinthe and the people who drank it in order to get a better knowledge of the spirit, and to have something interesting to write up in my product description. While searching on a site called I came across an excerpt of text credited to the 19th Century poet Arthur Rimbaud. I loved it and thought it would be a great introduction to the soap, AND it would be fair use due to the date of the work! Score!

Six days after posting the soap I got the message from the actual author of the poem, Peggy Amond. I was sweating bullets but luckily she was extremely nice and very understanding about the whole thing, and has since given me permission to use the poem in it’s entirety!

It was copyrighted in 2001 by Poetworks Press and published in two books: "Green Eyes the Greenest Fields" by Andre Crump and "Widow Moon" by Peggy Amond. You can see the work and another poem “Love's Symphony”, on her site Peggy Amond. Her book “Widow Moon” is also for sale!

Rimbaud's Poison

The emerald hour--
when the poet's pain is soothed
by a liquid jewel
held in the sacred chalice,
upon which rests
the pierced spoon,
the crystal sweetness--
Icy streams trickle down.
The darkest forest
melts into an open meadow
as waves of green seduce.
Sanity surrendered--
the soul spirals toward
the murky depths,
wherein lies
the beautiful madness--

Peggy Amond
Copyrighted 2001

Now, if you google this text you will find a bazillion websites giving credit to Arthur Rimbaud, which is why the mistake was so easy to make. They all leave off the title and first line, just like I did. Let’s give credit where credit is due!

Make sure any text, pictures, music or other artwork you snag off of the internet is fair use, or you have permission in writing from the author/artist to use the work. I have certainly learned my lesson, and as someone who has had photos used without permission, I am ashamed of myself. It won't happen again.


  1. OMG, how scary is that! But thats totally awesome that Peggy let you use it. I cant believe she isnt getting the credit she deserves for the beautiful poem!! What a cryin shame!!
    And I think you should totally add "Lilac Pleasure" to the sugar scrubs scents...but I could totally just be biased because I loves Lilacs ;)

  2. I agree - Peggy is sweet, wrote a beautiful poem and should really get credit.

    As for lilac - you know I always do custom orders!
    :) It would make a great spring time scent!

  3. In the world of blogging copyright infringement is such a sticky topic, as so many folks repost tutorials, pics, inspiration boards, etc. using other folks work. It's good that the author was so understanding.

  4. It can be a very sticky subject- I'm glad everything worked out! The soap is super cute by the way!

  5. Yeah, I am really lucky that Peggy is so nice. I won't be snagging text off of the internet anymore. I may have to actually have to go my public library if I am need of fair use fiction! Haven't been there in a while. :)

    Thanks for the compliment Anne-Marie!

  6. That's wonderful she let you use her poem, it's a very lovely poem.



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