Sunday, July 4, 2010

New soap available and on sale!

Just a quick note - the new Bathtub Brew and lavender Lime Soda are now available and on sale until July 10th for $5.50 per bar! Click here to buy!

I also sent out a newsletter with an exclusive sale for subscribers - be sure to sign up by July 10th to catch the sale!
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  1. Lavender Lime Soda sounds so refreshing!

  2. Those are just too beautiful!
    Michelle in NV

  3. I adore your soaps. I also make soaps, but am no where near as good as you. You are my inspiration!

  4. Yes, the Lavender Lime Soda is refreshing! I still can't believe how much it smells like soda!
    Glad you like them Michelle!
    Leah, that is so nice to say - if you ever have any soap making questions please ask!



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