Monday, March 15, 2010

FINALLY! Geeeze! Presenting Sugar Whipped Soaps (again)

New Sugar Whipped soaps have arrived! (Just in time to still have them up March 15th, at least PST, so I don't look like such a slacker!
Just $11.00 for a 10oz tub! Look for them in the Body Scrub section of my Shop!

Six Yummy Scents, Bubbly Lather, Saturated with fine Sugar for a gentle scrub! Run Down:

~ Key Lime Pie ~ Buttery sweet graham cracker crust filled with sweet, citrusy Key Lime custard and sugared meringue!
 ~ Cardamom Vanilla ~  Warm buttery vanilla custard and fresh ground spicy green cardamom! 
~ Lemon Poppy Cake ~ Mouth watering Lemon butter cake drizzled with buttercreme icing!
~ Orange Sherbet ~ Cold and tangy orange sherbet filled with vanilla bean ice cream - just like an orange creamsicle! You will want to lick it! (but don't!)
~ Very Berry ~ Luscious, tart Acai Berry, Raspberry and Black Currant mingle into a perfect juicy sweet scent!
~ Brown Sugar Pumpkin Crunch ~ Sweet baked Pumpkin with golden crisp brown sugar and butter crumb topping!


  1. Oh Yummm. I just started using the Whipped Marshmallow Cream Soap Cardamon Vanilla. The scent is to die for. You are creating such fabulous creations. I am so glad i found your store on Etsy. Thanks again.

  2. I'm with Tanja - Cardamom Vanilla sounds increeeeedible! You have a great flair for blending. =)

  3. Thanks guys! You are both making me blush! Yes, the cardamom vanilla is a yummy fragrance and a best seller!



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