Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twas The Night Before (the night before)...

and would you take a lookie
a feast of sugary treats
Speculaas, cranberry and sugar cookie

ok, I'm not a poet but I love to bake!

These pretty imprinted cookie are Speculaas made with Springerle cookie molds featuring a little boy making a snowman.
  Below are one of my favorite cookies -
a Cranberry Walnut Cake cookie made with milk and lemon juice!

You may recognize this shape from my snowflake soap tutorial. When I find a cutter I like for soapmaking I always buy a second set for cookies!
The dough recipe is from Martha Stewart


  1. I LOVED my speculaas! They were so beautiful that I showed them off to everyone, and they were all so impressed! Plus they were delish. Can you tell I am using all past-tense? They are all gone! Nom nom!

  2. I am so so glad you liked them and that you thought they were pretty enough to show off! They are pretty easy - a little time consuming but easy, if you ever want to borrow the molds!



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