Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Giveaway-Calling all Pumpk-aholics!

I am a Pumpk-aholic and I have been on a binge - pumpkin beer, pumpkin soup, pumpkin cake, pumpkin seeds, with more to come (suggestions, recipes, projects, welcome! I want to spread the love of Pumpkin so I am giving away a great selection of handmade pumpkin bath goodies! One 4.5 oz. bar of my Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Cake Soap, One 10.5 oz. jar of my Pumpkin Crumb Cake Sugar Scrubs and One 5 oz bar of my 3D Cinderella Pumpkin Soap in a gift box! (made with my original mold that you won't find anywhere else!) See the enticing pics below!

TO ENTER: Just leave a comment under this post! I would love to hear why you too love (or hate) pumpkin but it is not necessary - you can just say hi :)
• If posting as anonymous please leave your first name in the comment.
• If you leave two comments, perhaps you forgot something in the first, only the first will be counted and everyone else moves up by one post. This is just so each person gets an equal chance to win. :)
• Please leave a comment by October 15th.
• Winner will be chosen at random 9pm PST October 15th

I will be doing a monthly giveaway so be sure to follow the blog to stay updated!


  1. erin, i love pumpkin because it's so versatile - i do enjoy sweet pumpkin dishes, but what i love most are savory pumpkin curries and soups - even my dog loves to eat pumpkin! - and toasted pumpkin seeds are the best! - so how can i possibly resist pumpkin bath and body treats?! - happy halloween! - julia

  2. I'm extremely fond of pumpkin. The scent has such warmth and richness! It also brings back loving memories of my mother, who made her pies from scratch, ALWAYS ... so for me, there are countless wonderful emotional overtones to that fragrance.

    Now my husband is from England, and when he came to Canada, pumpkin pie seemed like the weirdest thing in the world to him. (They don't traditionally eat gourds as dessert in the UK!) But the magic of pumpkin spice finally did its job, and now he loves it all: pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, pumpkin lattes.

    So for me, pumpkin spice also makes the perfect soap, lip balm, hand cream, scented oil, fragrant soy candle. Pumpkin ROCKS.

  3. Hi Erin! These look awesome! I adore your soap and scrubs and I am sure these smell and feel wonderful. At my house, we love pumpkin pie and cookies, but my favorite thing about them is seeing the silly and scary faces my two kids put on them for Halloween.

  4. Hi Erin- Wow a pumpkin girl's dream give away! Very kind and generous.

    Why do I love pumpkin?
    1) They come from the chubbiest naturally made creatures on earth.
    2) Reminds me of being a kid and eating endless amounts of my Mom's homemade pumpkin pie.
    3) Just makes me feel who doesn't want to take a bath in the cozy.

    - Lauren /sunbasilgarden

  5. My dogs love pumpkin, too!
    Erin,I am speechless looking at this Cinderella's Pumpkin. I have not seen this done anywhere else, and it's so beautiful and magical.Your chocolate pumpkin spice soap and sugar cubes also look amazing.

  6. Hiya Erin!
    OOo=weee!! What a great prize to win!
    They all look so very lovely, but that Cinderella Pumpkin Soap is just too cool!

    I ADORE pumpkins!
    Pumpkin pie
    pumpkin pie blizzard from DQ
    pumpkin candles
    everything about pumpkins!
    To me, they are the very symbol of Autumn and I look forward to filling my home and front porch with pumpkins and gourds of all sizes.

    This year was especially fun going to the local pumpkin patch to pick out our stash as I took our little 2 yo niece with me - what fun she had in that sea of pumpkins!

  7. I adore pumpkins! Nothing signals the start of Fall (my favorite time of year) like spotting those gorgeous bright orange gourds! My favorite pumpkin treats are these amazing pumpkin rolls that we get when we travel to Georgia and visit this cute pumpkin patch/farm. Since I won't get to take that trip this year, I'd love to win these great pumpkin treats to help tide me over until next time! :o)

  8. My son has become recently fascinated with pumpkins. It's difficult to go out without him wanting to hunt down pumpkins. We finally got him and his brother two mini pumpkins yesterday and every time he sees it he tells us about his pumpkin (he's 2 so the conversation isn't too long)... I wonder what he will do when we get the big carving pumpkins and I think he would fall over if he had mini pumpkin shaped soap!

  9. I love pumpkin. I love pumkin scents and I love anything pumpkin flavored. When I see pumpkin candles and pumpkin spice lattes being sold again, it means that fall is here, and fall is my favorite season!

    Tha Cinderella pumpkin soap looks amazing!

  10. Erin, this is such a generous giveaway. Thank you! :)

    What's not to love about a pumpkin? They taste delicious AND make wonderful decorations. But I don't recommend you go around your neighborhood taking bites out of the Jack O'Lanterns. Your neighbors might frown on that. hehe


  11. Mmmm.... pumpkin cookies and bars and pies... and now soap! The smell alone entices me to put on a wool sweater and start a fire in the fireplace! What a great giveaway! A great way to spread the word on your phenomenal products!

  12. Hi. Great giveaway! I am a pumpkin addict. This year has been great for new pumpkin stuff. I had chicken in a pumpkin mole sauce for dinner at Not Your Average Joe's Friday night. I need to figure out how to make that!

    Also I have a new favorite pumpkin beer. Fisherman's Pumpkin Stout brewed in Gloucester MA. It seems to be available in many states, you should definitely try and track it down!

  13. Hi Erin -

    i love pumpkins because for me they stand for fall. pumpkin pie is one of my favorite desserts (why do we only make it at thanksgiving?) also, it's the time of year our local brewery makes pumpkin beer - it's so tasty!


  14. Pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin carrot bars - now I am starving for pumpkin anything!!
    Love the giveaway....good luck

  15. I love all things pumpkin, most likely because of the childhood memories associated with the fall. I would love to win the pumpkin package! :)

  16. Hi, my name is Casey. I love all soaps, from whipped to a simple bar; the smells that I can't resist. I wanted to buy some pumpkin soaps, but haven't had the money to do so. It would be a great treat to win. I have always loved that pumpkin smell either by carving a pumpkin pie for Halloween or by baking a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. It's not an every day smell, it's unique and that's why I love it.
    Thanks so much,


  17. Oops! I meant carving a pumpkin for Halloween or baking a pie for Thanksgiving. Sorrryyy!

    Have a good Week!


  18. Pumpkin is absolutely one of my favorite fall fragrances. I love how it is sweetly spicy, but not overpowering like some other fall fragrances.

  19. Oh pumpkin how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
    1. Pie(I can taste it now)
    2. Jack o' lanterns-my favorite family memories are of going to the pumpkin patch and everyone getting "the" perfect pumpkin. Then watching the kids go "ewwwwww" everytime they have to scoop out more of the "yuck" inside, while the littlest one nabs all the cut out chunks she can find and gnaws on the rinds.
    3. My house filling with the enticing fall aromas centered around pumpkin-with my candles and tarts.
    4.Last and certainly not least-smelling good enough to eat with a fab foodie fragrance that drives my hubby insane. I love wearing this scent!
    These soaps are wonderful looking and the scents sound divine. Thanks for sponsoring and good luck to everyone!

  20. i enjoy craving pumpkins and roasted the seeds after. mmm pumpkin pie:)

  21. Gorgeous Pumpkin Goodies....Don't think I would ever have the heart to cut into Cinderella's Pumpkin unless I got two of them.

  22. Oops..forgot to leave my name in the above post. Pam I Am!

  23. I love the fall colors. Your products are beautiful. Terrey Miller

  24. I've always loved pumpkin. The scent, the taste (especially pumpkin pie). It's a wonderful fall fragrance, a nice warm scent on a cold day.


  25. i love pumpkin cause just the scent of a freshly grown pumpkin reminds me of Fall and gets me excited to carve a pumpkin for Halloween!

  26. I love pumpkin in all its incarnations--particularly soup and pie. : )

  27. Hey Erin! First and formost you know I love your stuff because your always willing to make me custom stuff, in custom scents, anytime, and that keeps me coming back for more!! It also helps that Im addicted to your Cocoa Butter SPF 15 Chapstick like its crack and I always order *at least* 6 at a time when I order them. Its like crack, I cant be without it!! And your new Shave Soaps are seriously the greatest!! All I know is your shop is awesome and I'll keep coming back for more as long as your open!!
    But why I love pumpkins. I love them for their fresh scent, but mostly for their seeds. Im a HUGE pumpkin seed fan. Every year I grow a pumpkin patch (but have yet to see the Great Pumpkin), then I cut them open, scoop out the seeds, make my famous pumpkin seed receipe, and eat them till Im sick. Them I take the actual pumpkins and feed them to my 18 year old Tortise, Martin, who weights a whopping 140lbs. He LOVES pumpkins! I freeze the rest for him to eat later on in the year and its so nice to thaw out some pumpkin in January/Febuary and smell that freshness. I love it!!

  28. I love pumpkin because who can have pumpkin without thinking about Thanksgiving? That and it instantly reminds me of PIE! :)

  29. Because it reminds me of pumpkin pie, which is absolutely yummy!

  30. I love the way pumpkin smells. I especially like pumpkin spice candles.

  31. How festive and what a clever collection. I love pumpkin.

    This year NC had its largest pumpkin ever weighing in at 1258 lbs. Still short by about 500 lbs of Ohio's world record, also set this year. Can ground pumpkin seeds be used for a scrub?

    - Heather

  32. I love pumpkin everything Halloween is my favorite time of year :)Lisa

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