Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You're going to vote anyway so...

If you think you have seen this before it is because I just sent a newsletter with this exact text. I am lazy BUT I did add commentary below! :)

Post a Picture of you and your "I Voted" sticker on our Facebook Page for a chance to win a $25 shopping spree! (and free shipping) Be sure to "LIKE" us while you are there! If you are shy you can just post your sticker, and maybe your voter pamphlet or your hand or something! BE HONEST - it promotes good Kharma! :)

Post until Friday, November 9th at 6pm EST. I guess, considering the circumstances, this is for our USA Subscribers only. Sorry my friends afar!

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Just a side note - being an informed citizen is HARD sometimes! Especially when it comes to state issues and local candidates. I personally try and block out the TV ads and mailer bombardment, and do a little independent research to find the truth behind scare tactics and bent truths. I got my mail in ballot weeks ago, thinking I would just go a head and fill it out, mail it in, easy peezy, but I was in for it. It took 3 full days to research all of the propositions in California. I felt like I was researching a term paper! It was hard to get a straight line on any of them and what I found interesting was seeing who paid to get the props on the ballot and how the beliefs of those people fit mine. I'll just say it - I am pretty liberal but have been a registered Republican, Democrat and now Independent. I know that as life and experience press on, beliefs may change but the important thing is that you go out and exercise your right to have your beliefs represented! Happy Election Day everyone!



  1. This is a great idea! I'm looking forward to seeing all the "I voted" stickers showing up shortly :)

  2.  Thanks! Just one picture so far! Hope we get some more! 

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