Monday, May 23, 2011

HSMG Soapers Showcase 2011

The Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild Conference in Miami was a blast, tiring (in a good way), and jam packed with amazing speakers. I was so happy to hang out with friends and meet new people -  I will tell you all about it later but I thought for now I would get up some pretty pictures of soap for you all to drool over! I didn't write down the names of all of the winning soap makers so if you see this and are one of the winners that I didn't have a link for please leave me a comment and I will add you!
 Best In Show, Best Packaging Melt & Pour
 Best Packaging Cold Process/Hot Process
Best Appearance Melt & Pour
Best Appearance Cold Process/Hot Process
 Best Scent Cold Process/Hot Process
Best Scent Melt & Pour
Best in Something Different

Some More shots of the entries:


  1. The soaps are very nice. I ´m sure that day was wonderfull

  2. Thanks for posting these, Erin! I was wondering about all the great soap that usually shows up in the Showcase. It's great to at least see photos. Next year, in person again!

  3. Thanks for posting pictures Erin! Great to see some of the conference fun that we missed. I LOVE the felted soap. I think I'm obsessed with that stuff. So cute, but super labor intensive. Even more of a labor of love than regular soapmaking.

  4. Erin thank you so much for including my soap!

    Loads of pretty soaps, I couldn't get enough of them. What fragrances were picked any idea?

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  6. These are so beautiful, make me want to make a batch tomorrow. i love the soap with the beach scene.

  7. Wow!  Love the Something Different Sushi Soap! Creative with a capital "C"!  Thanks for the great photos -there sure is alot of talent showcased in one post! :)

  8. eres una verdadera artista del jabon !!!!!.... felicidades
    me encantan tus diseños

  9. Wow! I'm so jealous, I don't think Australia holds one of these but wish we did! Just out of curiosity, did you happen to know what the scent was that won best in scent? Thank you for all the glorious pictures!

  10. You should come out for the one in the USA! I know it would be a huge
    trip but well worth it! We are in Portland Oregon next year and North
    Carolina the year after for the HSMG conference! Best scent was
    Lavender, Lime and Grapefruit - it is amazing!

  11. my name is sandy,Im from miami.Iwould like to meet people here who like soap arts.I would like to learn

  12. Beautiful!  Very creative!



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