Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project: Love Tags

Love is in the air! I am thinking about my wedding and Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I have my soap favors made and while they cure I have been thinking about how I want to present them and have decided to tie a little love tag to each! These make a beautiful finish to any Valentine as well and you can personalize them any way you wish! I have a hundred or so to make for my wedding favors so let's get cracking!

What you will need:
• Instant eyelet setter with 1/16th inch hole punch and 1/16th inch eyelet setter attachments
• Setting Mat
• Rubber letter stamps up to 3/4 inch tall (The set I am using is by Hampton Art and I got it at a Michael's Craft Store.)
• Fabric scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat

• Half a yard of light weight canvas material cut into one inch strips. Keep them long so you can spell out word of various lengths.
• Ink pad in color of your choice. I am using black.
• 1/8 inch Quicklets™eyelets in color (s) of your choice
1) Lay out a strip of your fabric and stamp "LOVE" horizontally or vertically. I started at the right edge of my canvas strip and worked backwards stamping the last letter first and the first letter last. Cut off  your word leaving about once inch of fabric before the letter "L". This is where we will set our eyelet.
 2) Using the eyelet setter with the 1/16th inch hole punch attachment, punch a hole in the fabric about 1/2 inch in front of the letter "L".
3) Insert your eyelet in through the hole with the word facing up.
 4) Flip the fabric and eyelet over and using your 1/16th inch eyelet setter press down to set the eyelet until your hear a loud click. Since this is an instant setter you do not need a hammer.
 DONE! Wasn't that easy!

Try other words or phrases like: BE MINE, BEST FRIEND, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY

These versatile tags can be used to make this cute heart banner. Just cut out hearts from colored card stock and set an eyelet on both sides. String ribbon through the holes, alternating hearts and LOVE tags!

Inspiration for the project:


  1. Crafty chica! I LOVE those! I have been journeying into this realm myself too....stamping, paper, tags, etc. It was fun sending out orders with handmade Valentines on them....=)
    When are you getting married?

  2. Erin,
    I've been trying to reach you through your Etsy shop but no luck..Have left several messages. Please let me know whether you are still interested in a review.Thanks

  3. I just sent a message to you. Sorry it has been so hard to get a hold of me!

  4. Thank you! I got the idea from a fancy clothing tag I got with a shirt. (Posting that pic now) Hope you find some time for crafting! A lot of projects are pretty quick - this one takes less than 5 minutes once you have all of your supplies out and ready to go!

  5. I totally want an eyelet maker.  I was just looking for one at Michael's and Walmart this past weekend....but on fabric?  Looks so pretty, Erin.  Way to go. :)



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